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Online Proctoring

What is an online proctored exam?
An online proctored exam is a remote exam you can take almost anywhere you have internet access in, at home, work, any location convenient to you. You simply create an online PEOPLECERT profile, pay using your credit card and choose the time you need. A confirmation e-mail is then sent to you which includes the simple instructions you need to follow.

The exam takes place with the help of an online proctor who will guide you through the overall session. At the end of the exam, you get the preliminary results online. The official results are published within two days and you can then access, view and download your e-certificate through your profile.
Where can I take an online proctored exam?
You can take the exam anywhere you have internet access in, as long as it meets the PEOPLECERT requirements. Basically, you need to find a location where there will be no disturbances during the exam.
What do I need to have to take an online proctored exam?
You need to have a computer that meets some basic hardware and software requirements.
You can check that your system meets the PEOPLECERT web proctored system requirements by clicking here!
How do I register for an online proctored exam?
Click here to find out!
Is it safe to take an online proctored exam?
Security is one of the key ingredients for all PEOPLECERT exams, including the web proctored ones, from start to finish.
All the terms and conditions of a web proctored exam are available during your registration process and you will need to accept the terms to take the exam.

Before you begin your exam, your online proctor will go through a checklist with you to ensure that the exam location and computer meets the very strict requirements we have set, as part of our 17094 certification as a Personnel Certification Body.
During your exam, the exam session will be monitored and recorded, to ensure its integrity and security.
When do I get my results?
Provisional results are available instantly, at the end of your exam. 2 days later, you will be notified that the official results have been published. You can then log in your profile, view your results and download your e-certificate.
What if my PC crashes during the exam?
The PEOPLECERT examination system has an automatic recovery system, which means that if your computer crashes, you won’t lose any answers you have completed. Your proctor will advise you on what needs to be done if this happens.
During my online proctored exam, will there be someone I can talk to throughout the session?
Your online proctor will be with you throughout the exam process. You can chat or talk to him/her at any time, if you need any help.
Can I take an online proctored exam through Mac?
Yes, PEOPLECERT online proctored exams are compatible with both PC and Mac.
I am not a native English speaker. Do I receive extra time for my exam?
Yes, you do. If your native language is different from the exam language you receive 25% more time to complete your exam. For example, a non native English speaker taking the ITIL foundation exam in English will be given 75 minutes to complete the exam instead of the standard 60 minutes.