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PEOPLECERT Managed Learning Services

Through its extensive experience in managing learning on behalf of global corporations and with partnerships with leading global training providers, PEOPLECERT can help you with your learning needs. Our training outsourcing services are tailored to the different departments’ requirements, helping:

  • HR departments keep their employee skills up to date with the most competitive certifications through a single independent pool of training programmes, so that you don’t have to spend time and effort researching numerous training organisations  
  • Procurement departments save costs and administration time, as we assess a wide network of training providers and come up with the most cost effective programmes within your budget
  • CIOs offer quality driven programmes to their teams! We speak your IT language, therefore we understand your needs and can offer you high quality training that is current and meets your business goals

Our services are:

  • Delivered by an experienced team of a global organisation: Our team has vast experience in the training and certification industry and in-depth know-how of market trends
  • Impartial: We are independent of any training and constantly assess each provider based on impartial criteria, quality standards and cost effectiveness
  • Comprehensive: We can cover all your needs through access to a wide network of local, regional and global providers covering:
    • All types of training solutions (online, classroom, virtual, private / public, blended, etc.)
    • All types of exams (online, paper, online proctored, etc.) in all available languages
  • Innovative: The overall process is managed through a state of the art web based certification management system
  • Supported by a 24/7/365 multilingual customer service, wherever you are, in the language you need
  • Global: We have delivered our services in 134 countries and have an extensive network of training providers, including local organisations who can offer solutions in your local language, proximity and local needs
  • Transparent: A transparent lean process is in place, so that you know where you are anytime!
  • Cost effective: Being independent ensures that you have a solution that is within your budget and meets high quality standards

All through a Single Point of Contact…
…saving you time, cost and administrative hassle while ensuring that you get the highest service quality and the best learning experience for your employees and your organisation!