What is it?
ECDL Certified Training Professional (CTP) is an international qualification in ICT training, certifying the training ability and the quality of training delivered by ICT trainers. Effectively, ECDL CTP is a professional level certification that provides trainers and training organisations with an objective quality standard against which their own training services can be measured. The programme has been designed to reflect the reality of professional ICT training, and serves as an important tool in promoting consistent, high-quality classroom-based training for individual coaches and training organisations. The objectives of the ECDL CTP are:

  • To promote best practice in the provision of ICT training 
  • To recognise and certify best practice on the part of individual trainers 
  • To provide trainers with an opportunity to develop and promote their competences 
  • To provide training organisations with an objective and recognisable quality mark for ICT training 
  • To develop a community of certified trainers that can support individual trainers

Who is it for?
ECDL CTP is a programme suitable for ICT existing and practicing trainers or trainers in different fields who wish to enter the ICT training field.  The certification adopts a modular approach and contains different levels, therefore CTP candidates can demonstrate their competence in diverse skills and knowledge areas. ECDL CTP is of particular value to Training Organisations who cooperate with CTP Trainesrs, as it:

  • Allows them to evaluate and benchmark trainers’ competence
  • Provides an opportunity to standardise trainer evaluation throughout the organisation
  • Enhances staff motivation and professional esteem for certified trainers
  • Provides an objective target for trainers’ professional development
  • Improves the standard of individual training performance
  • Improves the standard of organisational/departmental effectiveness
  • Provides the ability to differentiate the organisation on the basis of objective quality standards