ECDL Expert

What is it?
ECDL Expert is a high-level certification programme that certifies expertise in four (4) widespread computer applications.ECDL Expert demonstrates in that its holder is capable to use advanced features and tools, manage complex projects, produce superior quality results and consistently improve productivity. The four Modules of ECDL Expert are: 
ECDL Expert 

  1. Advanced Word Processing
  2. Advanced Spreadsheets
  3. Advanced Database
  4. Advanced Presentations

Who is it for?
ECDL Expert is ideal for those who want to distinguish themselves and advance to further levels of knowledge as a means to personal and professional development. Reaching a higher level of digital competency translates into increased employability, faster career elevation, improved morale and job satisfaction. Organisations of the public and private sector are progressively seeking employees certified according to ECDL Expert, in order to increase total efficiency and reduce operational costs.