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Lean IT Foundation

Lean IT Foundation helps IT organizations to ensure that they provide their customers with the best possible services.

With Lean IT Foundation, IT organisations can develop a continuous improvement mindset through:

  • Understanding customer value
  • Processes that deliver this value
  • The way to manage performance
  • The way to organise
  • The required attitude and behaviours

Lean IT is complementary to all other best practice methods.

Who is Lean IT Foundation for?

Lean IT Foundation is appropriate for professionals working in the field of IT. Suitable roles are at managerial or product specialist level, project management and/or line management.

Assumed knowledge

If you are considering Lean IT, you need to prepare adequately by undertaking relevant Lean IT training through a certified training provider.

It is expected that you are familiar with IT processes and procedures in the fields of software development and/or support and maintenance.

Lean IT Foundation - syllabus

Download the Lean IT Foundation syllabus

Exam Details

Number of questions: 40
Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40)
Open book/notes: no
Electronic equipment permitted: no


Lean IT Foundation training through an accredited training provider


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