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What is MSP®

MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes) consists of a structured framework for organizations of all sizes and from all sectors to improve practices, offer better services and more effectively prepare for the future.

Benefits of MSP

  • Creates a vision and blueprint for transformational change
  • Designs the programme to deliver the blueprint
  • Identifies the right outcomes and benefits and plans for their delivery
  • Delivers on time, to budget and desired quality
  • Breaks down initiatives into clearly defined projects and offers a framework for handling them
  • Defines responsibilities and lines of communication
  • Involves stakeholders
  • Manages risk and ensures the programme responds to change
  • Audits and maintains quality.


Get Certified in MSP

The MSP certifications are aimed at members of a programme office, business change team or project delivery team - who needs to pursue higher level qualifications. These are the levels of certification within the scheme:

  1. MSP Foundation Level
  2. MSP Practitioner Level
  3. MSP Advanced Practitioner Level

MSP Membership

Become an MSP member and access content, templates, toolkits and best practice guidance to help you succeed in your profession. You can benefit from resources including:

  • Best practice publications such as the MSP Pocketbook MSP
  • Foundation and Practitioner Exam Guidance Videos
  • MSP Foundation Interactive Quizzes
  • MSP Digital Badge.

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MSP Membership