PEOPLECERT Certified Professional Valuers

The valuation market is one of the most dynamic and fast developing markets globally, with independent assets valuation being at the core of its growth. PEOPLECERT’s Certified Professional Valuer is a certification scheme of international recognition that proves a professional’s capability to conduct property valuations (estimation of value) in fields such as real estate, collectibles and general assets, using national or international standards, regulatory requirements, or other principles and/or normative and industry references.

As per the table below, PEOPLECERT’s Certified Professional Valuer scheme consists of two independent levels of certification, i.e. the introductory level, Valuer, and the expert level, Expert Valuer.

The expert level consists of the following certification:

Expert Valuer in Real Estate Property certification

The introductory level consists of the following certifications

  • Valuer in Real Estate Property
  • Valuer in Machinery, Plant & Equipment
  • Valuer in Business & Intangible Assets
  • Valuer in Movable Assets


Certified Professional Valuers

A. Expert Valuer

A1. In Real Estate Property

Β. Valuer

Β1. In Real Estate Property

Β2. In Machinery, Plant & Equipement

Β3. In Business & Intangible Assets - Not available

Β4. In Movable Assets   - Not available

The PEOPLECERT Certified Professional Valuers program applies to the Greek market only. If you are interested to learn more about the Certified Professional Valuers program, please follow the link HERE.