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City & Guilds Certifications

The City & Guilds Certifications  are relevant to a broad range of skills in the English language and in specialized areas, including hair and beauty, tourism, retail, telecommunications, hospitality, construction, ICT.

There are three qualifications categories:

ESOL Qualifications
Business Skills Qualifications
International Vocational Qualifications

Why City & Guilds?

  • Examinations tailored to the trainee’s needs.
  • The written and oral exams are independent of each other: the results of one do not affect the results of the other and the candidate has the option of sitting the written and oral exams in different examination periods.
  • Written examinations are held 6 times a year, allowing the candidate to sit the exam when s/he is truly prepared.
  • Oral examinations are held whenever the Authorized City & Guilds Centres wish to set them up.
  • The City & Guilds ESOL qualifications are designed to meet the needs of all age groups.
  • Simple and flexible registration procedure.
  • Registration for the exams is done online up to 20 days before the exams.
  • The results are announced 4-6 weeks after the exam.