Online Proctored Exams

For professionals who wish to take an exam with the convenience of their preferred location and time. Compatible with both PC and Mac!

Online proctoring offers:

  • Convenience: Candidates can take the exam wherever they want, whenever they want. Online proctored exams allow candidates to conveniently complete their exam, using a laptop with a webcam, at home, at work, or almost anywhere they have internet access.
  • Simplicity: Online proctoring connects candidates directly to an authorized PEOPLECERT proctor (invigilator) via web cam, who guides them throughout the exam using simple instructions. So no booking an invigilator from your side, making the overall exam process a lot simpler.
  • Increase your outreach: You can now reach remote candidates who for various reasons cannot access your test centre! Online proctoring is ideal of e-learning candidates who prefer to complete their certification from their location.
  • Flexible Voucher ordering, which enables you to create learning and certification packages for your candidates, giving you the flexibility to build your own training packages and customize your services according to your needs.
  • Security & Integrity: The proctor monitors the candidate’s computer and records the exam, ensuring the security and integrity of every session.

Sufficient level of communication skills in English is required.