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A Simple Exam Process

A simple and hassle free exam process through simple, secure and flexible web based exam tools that support you all the way... Anytime. Anyplace.

Benefits to that you can rely on your partner, anytime, anyplace.

Prior to the exam

  • State of the art web based administration & examination system
  • Tailor made system capabilities to match your specific market needs
  • Web and paper based exams in 24 languages
  • New language activation up to 10 business days from release
  • Real time updates on exam booking, monitoring and delivery status
  • Exam material delivery via e-mail, courier or normal post
  • Candidate registration up to 2 hours prior to the exam session
  • Web proctored exams for the convenience of your candidates' location and time

During the exam

  • User friendly exam interface, making it easy for candidates to navigate through the exam
  • Additional exam time for non-native candidates
  • Automatic exam data recovery, which ensures that answers are saved if the PC crashes, so that candidates continue their exam from their last entry
  • Web proctoring: Candidates take their exam, using a laptop with a webcam, at home, at work, or almost anywhere they have internet access

After the exam

  • Multiple reporting capabilities on individual exam session, candidates, exam questions, proctors, trainers, regions, affiliates etc, so that you monitor any exam simply and quickly
  • Fast results: for both web and paper based exams
  • Fast certificate delivery: Certificates are shipped within 5 business days from the day the results are issued
  • e-certificate available to view, download and print
  • Online Certificate Verification through the PEOPLECERT website

Support all the way

  • Multilingual Customer support 24/7 365 days a year, through toll free numbers, e-mail and online chat
  • 10,000+ exam locations in more than 165 countries
  • Dedicated team of IT experts, developing flexible, user friendly tools according to your market needs
  • Continuous investment in system & process development, to match your evolving needs