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Our Partners


AXELOS is a joint venture company co-owned by the UK Government’s Cabinet Office and Capita plc. It is responsible for developing, enhancing and promoting a number of best practice methodologies used globally by professionals working primarily in project, programme and portfolio management, IT service management and cyber resilience. The methodologies are adopted by private, public and voluntary sectors in more than 150 countries to improve employees’ skills, knowledge and competence in order to make both individuals and organizations work more effectively. From January 2018 PEOPLECERT will be the sole Examination Institute for the delivery of AXELOS Accreditation and Examination services worldwide.



DevOps is the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. DevOps certifications are offered by the DevOps Institute (DOI), which brings enterprise level DevOps training and certification to the IT market. The DevOps Institute has an exclusive strategic partnership with PEOPLECERT as the official examination institute.



As an independent, non-profit, global association, ISACA engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. ISACA provides practical guidance, benchmarks and other effective tools for all enterprises that use information systems. Through its comprehensive guidance and services, ISACA defines the roles of information systems governance, security, audit and assurance professionals worldwide.



LITA is a non-profit organisation founded by three Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) – ITpreneurs, Pink Elephant, Quint Wellington Redwood, and three Examination Institutes – APMG, EXIN, PEOPLECERT International Ltd. LITA aims to provide an industry-standard set of Lean IT reference materials and other resources for practitioner organizations to use, as well as a clear understanding of the value and positioning of Lean IT relative to other bodies of knowledge, frameworks and standards.


International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC)

IASSC is a Professional Association dedicated to growing and enhancing the standards within the Lean Six Sigma Community. IASSC is the only independent third-party certification body within the Lean Six Sigma Industry; it exclusively facilitates and delivers centralised universal Lean Six Sigma Certification Standards testing, and Lean Six Sigma training program Accreditations.


Software Development Group (SIG)

SIG gives technology leaders the visibility they need to address current software problems and prevent future ones from ever happening. Drawing on proprietary methods and decades of expertise, SIG helps organisations fundamentally improve the security and performance of the enterprise applications that support every aspect of their businesses. SIG is headquartered in Amsterdam with regional offices in the Nordics, Belgium, Germany and Greece. SIG serves companies in Europe, the United States, and Asia. In collaboration with PEOPLECERT, SIG has developed Quality Software Development (QSD), a new qualification that certifies programmers who have the necessary skillset to produce high quality code.



OpenTRIM is a community of ITSM professionals whose experience contributes to the ongoing development of the TRIM model. Their mission is to provide materials in the form of a reference model and literature to simplify the process of applying IT Service Management, regardless of the size of the organisation. Apart from ITSM professionals, community members include tool vendors, course providers and consultants who have developed a wide range of TRIM specific tool configurations, cloud services, courses, and workshops to make it easier for organisations to adopt the model.


Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute offers the most widely taught set of certification standards in digital marketing and selling for learners, educators and industry. All certifications are reviewed and validated by the esteemed Industry Advisory Council (IAC), representing the world’s largest and most influential digital brands, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.



ECDL is the world's leading computer skills certification. To date more than 14 million people have engaged with the ECDL programme, in over 100 countries, through our network of over 24,000 ECDL Accredited Test Centres. The ECDL programme defines the skills and competencies necessary to use a computer and common computer applications. It offers a wide range of modules including Computer Essentials, Word Processing and IT Security. PEOPLECERT is the official accreditation institute for ECDL in Greece.



LanguageCert is an Awarding Organisation and a subsidiary of PEOPLECERT, dedicated to language skills assessment and certification. LanguageCert develops its own language qualifications and partners with renowned organisations worldwide to offer high-quality language skills assessment and certification to the global learners’ community.



IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world’s leading English language proficiency test. Over 2.9 million tests were taken in the past year. IELTS is a high-stakes test that opens the door to study, work and migration opportunities all over the world. PEOPLECERT is official examination institute for IELTS in Greece.