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PEOPLECERT Accreditation: Join the Leaders in Personnel Certification

Thousands of training organizations across the world have identified the supreme services offered by PEOPLECERT and chose to proceed with PEOPLECERT Accreditation. Being accredited by PEOPLECERT, you enter a group of prestigious organizations which wish to receive only the best on all levels.

Quality Services for your students, our candidates
Individuals seek high quality services throughout their progression. Your expertise in providing high quality training using suitable materials and trainers is fully aligned with our ability to provide valid and friendly examination and certification services. Prove to your students the superiority of your services with PEOPLECERT independent accreditation.

Being accredited by PEOPLECERT, you enter a group of prestigious organizations which wish to receive only the best on all levels

Why PEOPLECERT accreditation?
PEOPLECERT accredits organizations and training providers in order to validate the quality of the education programs provided. Thus it is ensured that students receive professional guidance and supervision while preparing for their exam. PEOPLECERT accreditation may relate to the training organisation, to the examination centre, or to the training material and can be mandatory or recommended depending on the certification scheme.

PEOPLECERT offers accreditation on the following entities:

Accredited Training Provider (ATP)  
Accredited Examination Center (AEC)
Accredited Courseware Provider (ACP)
...and for the following certification schemes and best practices:


IT Service Management


Six Sigma




Medical Services Quality



ISO 20000

IT Service Management


Food Safety   


Information Security

ISO 28000

Supply Chain Security


Ship Recycling


Risk Management




Computer Skills

City & Guilds

IESOL Qualifications

City & Guilds

Vocational Qualifications


European Language Testing

International Recognition & Support
PEOPLECERT accreditation grants you the international recognition required to make a difference in the training market. You will be provided with the necessary wall plaques, certificates and logos that prove your accreditation to students and candidates. Your organization will be presented on PEOPLECERT’s website, while your contact details will be available to potential customers. Moreover, you gain access to PEOPLECERT’s Assessment Portal (PASSPORT), a state-of-the-art administration and examination system, especially designed to support training providers and examination centers.

PEOPLECERT takes quality very seriously, especially when it comes to accreditation.

Next steps
Upon submitting the necessary application forms, your organization will be audited to verify its compliance with PEOPLECERT quality requirements. The requirements may vary, depending on the certification scheme and the entity for accreditation. Organizations can be accredited as training providers (ATP), courseware providers (ACP) and examination centers (AEC), or any combination of the above by signing a three year contract with PEOPLECERT.

Upon completion of the accreditation process:

  • ATPs engage approved trainers
  • AECs engage approved invigilators
  • ATPs purchase approved training materials from an ACP

Accreditation requirements
PEOPLECERT takes quality very seriously, especially when it comes to accreditation.
Each certification scheme is likely to have its own set of accreditation types and requirements; yet, it is most likely to include the following:

  • Training materials must fulfil PEOPLECERT’s quality and exam requirements 
  • Training providers will be assessed on their general company profile, on the courseware that will be used and on their trainers’ experience and qualifications

What costs are involved?
PEOPLECERT accreditation costs are the most competitive rates in the industry.
Email the Accreditation Team at for the costs
associated with your specific requirements

Benefits of PEOPLECERT Accreditation

  • Simple quick Accreditation Process
  • Exam Availability on a variety of levels and languages both in Paper Based and Computer Based format
  • Fast and Accurate Result Publication
  • Excellent Partner Support
    (We answer 150.000 calls every year)
  • International Certification Validity due to ISO 17024 accreditation (IAF Multilateral Agreements)
  • Competitive Exam Fees