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Ahead Technology and its global network of Affiliate organizations join PEOPLECERT for the delivery of ITIL® certifications

July 2013 - Ahead Technology (, a world renowned IT Service Management (ITSM) organization that specializes in the provision of corporate-based ITSM training solutions, and associated consulting and professional services, is the latest company to join PEOPLECERT’s ( global network of accredited organizations, for the delivery of ITIL® certifications.

The agreement covers the global network of Ahead Technology’s affiliate organizations in US, Canada and Europe for the delivery of ITIL exams and all affiliates have already moved to PEOPLECERT. The overall transition process was based on a thorough yet simple switch over, which included group and one-to-one introductory sessions, to ensure that each different organization and department received hands-on training to maximize the benefits from PEOPLECERT’s different services for its operational needs.

As part of the agreement, PEOPLECERT will offer its full suite of exam administration and delivery services and tools, customized to meet the organization’s centralized and its affiliates’ specific regional needs. As such, PEOPLECERT has developed a dedicated team that includes French-speaking customer support agents available 24/7 and a tailor-made exam administration system to cover Ahead Technology’s specific exam reporting requirements.

‘This exciting and strategic partnership has been forged to better serve our customers and global partners’ network and to leverage PEOPLECERT’s Global position to access new markets and build new partnerships’, Nasser El-Batal, Managing Partner of Ahead Technology said.

‘Ahead Technology and its affiliate organizations is a diverse network that covers different regions, therefore we designed a service that although offers a centralized solution that allows Ahead Technology HQ to easily monitor and track exams delivery worldwide, it also offers tailor made solutions that match the different cultural, time zone and language needs, while ensuring that each of these affiliates receives the same level of service wherever they are based, at any given time. We are confident that PEOPLECERT’s experience with global organizations will help Ahead Technology leverage our global capabilities for their own network’, says Michael McLaughlin, PEOPLECERT’s Regional Manager for North America and Canada.