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ECDL Foundation and the ECDL Portugal, member of the PEOPLECERT Group, award the ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity of Portugal

Dr. Maria Manuel Mira Godinho, General Secretary of the Ministry of labour and social solidarity of Portugal, received a special prize from ECDL Foundation and ECDL Portugal, as recognition for her 10th year effort to promote certification skills in Information and Communication Technology of the Minister’s officials.

The prize handed CEO of ECDL Foundation, Mr. Damien O'Sullivan, who arrived in Portugal exclusively for the celebration ceremony for the 10th anniversary of the signing of the cooperation between the two bodies and underlined the fact that the effort for the implementation of the ECDL Certification consists of an international example of good practice in public administration and that this Ministry holds the first place in recognition of the importance of certification of skills in ICT.

At the time of acceptance of the prize, General Secretary Dr. Maria Manuel Mira Godinho, stressed the importance to certificate the digital skills of the Ministry’s officials, a plan which over 1600 people participated while the number for examinations conducted exceeded 15000 and also noted that she is fully committed to the continuation of the certification procedure of ECDL in the Ministry.

In his speech, CEO of ECDL Institute, Mr. Damien O'Sullivan, claimed that:’’ ECDL is a real European success because it is relying on relationships such as this one’’ underlining that the original idea of the ECDL standard was developed and supported by the European Commission, while EDCL Foundation is widely recognized through the continuous efforts to develop the skills of the working staff, the increasing productivity and efficiency.

Mr. Damien O'Sullivan also underlined the commitment of ECDL Foundation in reaching the goals of Strategy 2020, as digital skills are the key for building a cohesive society of information and an innovative economy. Finally he also noted that, ’’ ECDL Foundation goes hand in hand with the European Commission in the implementation of a long-term strategy and in initiatives for digital literacy and skills and as therefore to integrate into national policy as a mean of promotion of competitiveness and growth.’’

Paula Colaço Gomes ECDL Portugal President, stated that, ’’in this project emerged the strategic vision and the pioneering thought of the Ministry in combination with the reality of the technological challenges and citizens employability. ’’

Lastly, Mr. Byron Nicolaides, President and CEO of PEOPLECERT Group, which subsidiary is ECDL Portugal, stated the importance of similar initiatives, where the state will promote equal access for all in Knowledge Society and in new technologies and reiterated the commitment of the Group to support such efforts in all the countries which PEOPLECERT operates.