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Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, welcomes PEOPLECERT Group's commitment to key objectives of the ''Code of Best Practices for Women in ICT''


“The spread of this code of practice is one of several actions the Commission is taking to address the ridiculous situation where young women now use computers as often as men, and get more university degrees than men, but are still virtually absent from high-tech jobs. This does not make social or economic sense, not least because e-skills are key to an inclusive economic recovery! The answer is in front of us: we must invest in women, and this investment must be driven by the industry itself.” 

Neelie Kroes
Vice President
of the European Commission

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Women in ICT

In today's global financial crisis, jobs in the information and communication technology (ICT) sectors are reliable sources of growth and crucial for the recovery of the Economy. The EU's competitiveness depends on attracting and retaining skilled employees, especially in the high-tech sector, including women. But while a shortage of around 300,000 qualified engineers is expected in the EU by 2011, less than 1 in 5 computer scientists are women. Consequently, the European Commission, in order to promote best practices and attract more women in to the ICT sectors, established in 2007 the ‘‘Code of Best Practices for Women in ICT’’.

More than 50 companies -such as Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, France-Telecom, Google, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Οrange, Panasonic and SAP- have signed the ‘‘Code of Best Practices for Women and Technology’’, committing themselves to implement actions to eliminate women’s underrepresentation in the ICT sector. Since December 2010, the PEOPLECERT Group has recognized the problem and has been participating in the European Commission’s initiative by signing the Code of Best Practices for women in ICT.

Mr.Constantinos Kesentes, General Manager of PEOPLECERT Group, in his letter to Mrs. Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of European Commission, pointed out that the PEOPLECERT Group participation in this initiative will convey the message that getting more women in to the ICT sector is not only a gender equality issue, but an economic necessity.

In response to his letter, Mrs. Neelie Kroes expressed her gratitude for the participation of the PEOPLECERT Group, stressing the importance of the actions to be taken to resolve the problem.

To this end, PEOPLECERT Group is planning events and information days, where young women will have the opportunity to follow an ICT professional, during his/her daily work. Through this event women will get a taste of what a job in ICT is all about.



 Code of Best Practices for Women in ICT:

  • Attracting more women from school or university into technology sector. Furthermore, the retention and promotion of employed women should be considered.
  • Establishing Girls Labs or Computer Clubs for Girls where girls can develop greater self-confidence when using ICT by creating websites, mixing music or designing online magazines.
  • Organize workshops, meetings, school visits to companies for female students in secondary education to make contacts and start mentoring processes with tertiary education students who have already qualified.
  • Prepare female employees for management positions, offering them appropriate training courses and monitor and encourage the participation of women in such courses.
  • Offer Competence Development Programs which will provide women with the necessary hard and sof t management skills as well as short training programmes on professional challenges, leadership and networking.
  • Raising awareness of trainers, trainees and companies on gender stereotypes in the ICT sector and recruitment procedures.



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