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How project management certification can mitigate risk

For the Business Reporter Studio Debates appearing in the Telegraph, Byron Nicolaides, Chairman and CEO of PEOPLECERT addresses the importance of PRINCE2® certification for successful project delivery with Alistair Greene , Presenter and Journalist of Business Reporter.

With 60 per cent of projects failing, Byron Nicolaides, Chairman and CEO of PEOPLECERT & President of CEPIS, highlights the importance of PRINCE2® certification for successful project delivery. Certification is key in helping organizations find the right talent and for individuals to find good or better paying jobs.

There’s an abundance of project management tools in the market, still 60 per cent of the projects fail. This is mainly due to lack of clear objectives and scope of the project, lack of management engagement and commitment, and lack of project management skills of the people involved.

So why don’t organizations change?

Every project incorporates some type of change and people and organizations don’t like change. Most importantly though, there’s lack of project management methodology that defines who is responsible, how is the delegation made, how the communication is made, who is the real authority.

Solution = PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® from AXELOS brings a solution to the problem – a project management method that can be applied to any project, of any size, to any type of organization, in any country around the world. PRINCE2® provides very clear guidelines on authority, delegation, accountability and communication and brings more than 25 years of industry experience with successful project delivery.

Why PRINCE2® actually delivers?

The shareholders are Capita and the UK government, very strong, respectable and experienced organizations that invest highly to ensurePRINCE2® remains current and relevant. PRINCE2® also works with agile methodologies which is vital in an agile world.

Certification is key to finding the right people.

When looking for the right talent, an organization first looks for people with the right attitude. Then, there are three key things to look for – knowledge, skills and experience. These are the three magic words that certification consists of. Certification adds skills and proves that the experience to do the job is there. Certification is key in helping organizations find the right talent and for individuals to find good or better paying jobs.

Why is PEOPLECERT different to other organizations offering certifications?

PEOPLECERT is a global certification and examination organization offering PRINCE2® among more than 500 certifications currently in its portfolio. With presence in more than 150 countries, PEOPLECERT offers a unique examination experience in more than 25 languages. Being a pioneer in new technology, PEOPLECERT can support exams in any type of format: paper based, computer based and innovative online proctoring. Employees from well-known companies from all over the world have taken an exam from PEOPLECERT.

What about the future in the next five years?

The world is becoming more competitive both for individuals to get a job and for organizations to get projects and hire the best talent. Certification will be the most important selection criterion, as studies already indicate. For project management in particular, certification will become even more important as complexity increases and more skilled project managers will be required. The answer to this is PRINCE2®.

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