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Test Centre Delivery

Your candidates can opt to sit their test at any one of our worldwide Test Centres.

Our Test Centres are hand-picked from thousands of providers around the world. They meet strict requirements in the areas of environment suitability, adherence to code of integrity, as well as professional and pleasant appearance.

Delivering your test with confidence
No matter which Test Centre your candidates choose, you can rest assured that PEOPLECERT has already done all the hard work for you to ensure a seamless and pleasant testing experience.

We vet our Test Centres, setting strict code of conduct for all staff, including invigilators. We conduct frequent checks and inspections across the entire process of test-taking, including:

  • Registrations and payment
  • Candidate communications
  • Location and driving directions
  • Appearance, cleanliness and tidiness
  • Security, ID verification
  • Computer equipment and other facilities
  • Invigilation and cheating prevention
  • and more

Next steps
If delivering your test in a Test Centre is right for you, please contact us today and one of our representatives in your area will get in touch.

Alternatively, check out our Online Proctoring page for remote testing options.