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Your Program Manager

Your Program Manager plays a pivotal role in accomplishing your testing goals, as well as your overall relationship with PEOPLECERT in the longer term.

Program Managers at PEOPLECERT have a deep understanding of the importance of testing. They are surrounded by expert psychometricians, subject matter experts, examination professionals and other professionals from across a broad spectrum of professional and academic fields.

A single point of call: PEOPLECERT Program Manager
Most large corporations consist of many departments and divisions, each having it’s own hierarchy – PEOPLECERT is not any different. Your Program Manger not only allows you to draw expertise from across the board, but also allows you to do so through a centralized communication channel.

Your Program Manager acts as your single point of call, handling your enquiries and relaying the right information back to you in a timely and prompt manner.

Striving for perfection
The success of your program is your Program Manager’s success too. They are perfectionists who lose sleep over your test, so that you don’t have to.

That’s why they will always ensure that nothing gets in the way of delivering your project on time and according to your requirements.