PEOPLECERT gives you the flexibility to choose the services you need from a straight forward menu:

Qualification Development
Based on our ISO 17024 accreditation, a team of Qualification experts and a Qualification Development system that meets strict security guidelines, we have developed global qualifications programs for different industries, which means we have the experience, knowhow and resources to help you design and implement a qualification that meets your market needs.

A Scheme Technical Committee of subject matter experts will be responsible for the overall Qualification scheme development and delivery and the overall validation process and implementation, including the definition of the Scheme framework, the criteria of the Certification Scheme, the prerequisites (knowledge, training and skills) and the specific exam requirements.

Item Creation, Testing & Validation
Based on a client server Item Creation Solution, different reviewers can review all items for technical accuracy and psychometricians can get data for review. Different access rights are available in order to ensure that security policies across all levels are adhered to. Once subject matter experts have completed writing the items, these are undergone another psychometric review by our experts.

Item Banking
PEOPLECERT offers a number of simple tools, through which you can easily search, create groups of questions, extract, import, store, edit and analyze statistics.

Exam Creation, Testing & Validation
The exam development process is a rigorous and ongoing process that covers job Analysis, Pilot Testing, exam maintenance, passing score analysis and exam material preparation.

30 types of Questions  
We support multiple test item writing, including objective items such as true or false, and multiple choice, short answer questions, essay questions and innovative items such as simulation, video and audio.

Psychometric services
The PEOPLECERT psychometric team consists of experts in the certification industry, subject matter experts and assessment professionals, who provide services such as job competency models development, item and forms development, assessments reports, etc.