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Verify your skills and take the next step in your career with PeopleCert DevOps! You can become the DevOps-savvy professional that many organisations, across all industries, are currently looking for. With DevOps Fundamentals and Leadership, you can prove that you can:

  •  Work effectively in a DevOps environment
  •  Manage an array of different technologies and tools
  •  Deliver business results
  •  Lead DevOps teams


Are these qualifications for you?

PeopleCert DevOps provides the ideal certification tool for professionals working in Software or Applications Development and IT Operations, business analysts, project/product managers, and anyone else aspiring to train in and demonstrate their knowledge of DevOps principles. 

PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals

Demonstrate your DevOps expertise: By using the correct terminology, applying DevOps principles and becoming highly familiar with relevant tools and practices, you will prove yourself to be a crucial asset within any DevOps environment.

Gaining a PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals certificate will enable you to prove your industry-oriented knowledge and achieve better collaboration, communication, and workflow within your workplace.


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PeopleCert DevOps Leadership
Demonstrate your DevOps leadership skills: guide your team to achieve their best through effective change management techniques, using a range of key management practices, processes, and automation technology. Obtaining a DevOps Leadership certificate will provide you with the leverage you need to lead a DevOps practices implementation campaign and best realise a cultural shift progression.


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What study materials are available?

Once you book your exam, you will receive the complete range of DevOps syllabi, a reading list, glossary, and a sample paper for the module you have chosen. With this material, you will be set to prepare for your exam!

Alternatively, please choose one of our online providers to attend a DevOps course.


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