Digital Marketing

Career in Digital Marketing

The mass adoption of digital tools has accelerated the use of not only social media and email, but powerful analytics, mobile and search marketing tactics. For individuals looking to keep pace with this constantly changing landscape, a digital marketing or selling certification that teaches the latest knowledge, trends and insights is essential across all industries.

Why you need to invest in digital skills?

By investing in a digital marketing course that is tailored to your specific needs and interests, you can significantly enhance your marketing effectiveness and develop your competitive advantage. 

Demand for digital marketing activity is increasing so does the need for digital marketing professionals who have the skills to lead the digital initiatives of companies and implement successful digital marketing strategies.

What professional and specialist certification programmes we offer?

Our portfolio of professional certifications, developed by the Digital Marketing Institute, covers the key specialisms within digital marketing and selling. The programmes can equip students with essential skills that will benefit them, whether they want to kick start their career, gain a promotion, or change or enhance their role. 

If students require more advanced digital knowledge in a certain channel (e.g. in social media marketing or search marketing) and broaden their career, they can become a specialist practitioner by taking one of the Specialist programmes in our portfolio.



Certified Digital Marketing Professional

If you are a:

  • business owner entrepreneur and want to apply your knowledge directly to your own business or want to become knowledgeable to be able to manage external agencies more effectively
  • graduate/adult learner and want to develop practical skills
  • marketing professional and you need to broad your skills to digital
  • career changer who needs to build new skills
  • digital marketing professional but not confident in some aspects of digital

Then the Certified Digital Marketing Professional programme provides an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the core essentials of digital marketing and will prepare you to take up a more evolved role in the overall marketing field.

Find out the essential creative, analytical and technical skills you should develop to be an effective digital marketing manager and make it easier for you to pursue your career goals.

Certified Digital & Social Sales Professional

As traditional selling methods are no longer enough to sustain success; digital tools and techniques are now an essential component of any efficient selling strategy and they can help you build relationships, establish trust and drive sales. 

If you are:

  • a sales professional and need to open new sales career opportunities
  • a sales leader and need to transform your staff into digital selling superstars
  • looking to develop your digital sales capabilities

Then the Certified Digital & Social Sales Professional programme focuses on the tools and skills you need to sell efficiently, surpass quotas and attain selling success. 



Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Social

If you are:

  • A social media specialist
  • A professional responsible for the planning, execution and management of social media campaigns
  • Anyone who would like to enhance their digital marketing knowledge base in this area

Then the Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Social will equip you with the essential skills required to create and implement social strategies as part of a wider general digital marketing strategy and achieve business goals.

The programme focuses on a number of specialisms including content marketing and content outreach through a number of modern and relevant social media channels.

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Search

If you are:

  • A search engine marketing specialist
  • A search advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO) professional
  • A professional responsible for the planning, implementation and measurement of search engine marketing campaigns
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career or enhance their knowledge in the search engine marketing discipline

Then the Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Search will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a search engine marketing specialist. It will teach you how to create, execute and measure an effective search engine marketing strategy to help any business rank higher in search engine results and get found faster by quality prospects.

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Strategy & Planning

If you are:

  • A professional responsible for the planning, implementation and measurement of digital marketing campaigns
  • Anyone aspiring to secure a senior digital marketing position in the future or flourish in one they currently occupy

Then the Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Strategy & Planning will help you learn how to develop a digital marketing strategy that will withstand the scrutiny of board-level decision making and deliver tangible benefits to the organisation.