What is COBIT® 5

Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT 5) is a globally accepted framework for the governance and management of IT. It aligns business goals to IT processes and goals, providing tools, resources and guidance to achieve, identify and associate responsibilities of business and IT processes.

COBIT 5 stimulates innovation in IT, bridging the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks.


Who is it for?

COBIT 5 is aimed at organizations of all sizes and all sectors. It is ideal for professionals involved in assurance, security, risk, privacy/compliance and business leaders and stakeholders involved in or affected by governance and management of information and IT systems, such as:


  • IT Managers
  • IT Quality Professionals
  • IT Auditors
  • IT Consultants
  • IT Developers
  • IT Operational Management
  • IT Business Leadership Management
  • Managers in IT Service providing firms

Key Benefits

For individuals:

  • Gain knowledge, experience and skills to adapt and apply COBIT 5 metrics and maturity models to an organization of any size and sector.
  • Understand relationships between business IT systems and associated cybersecurity risk.
  • Help set priorities and business requirements in accordance to security and risk levels.
  • Assist in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions to reduce security risk.
  • Implement tools, resources and guidelines to improve prevention, detection and recovery of cybersecurity.

For organizations:

  • Provide a clear overview of internal IT roles and responsibilities in cybersecurity, giving an organization a competitive advantage.
  • Help optimize the cost of IT services and technology, through the integration of an improved and enhanced operational IT system.
  • Assist in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, contractual agreements and policies.
  • Provide clearer vision and understanding of cybersecurity risks, allowing improvement and scope to be implemented.
  • Contribute in increased user satisfaction, through an improved integration of information security measures and outcomes.
  • Enable a faster route to achieving strategic business goals and benefits, through the effective and innovative use IT.

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