FYATEC Always trained training
Fyatec has always been dedicated to the Training and Certification in the technological field specially the last years in the environment of the Management of Services and Projects with focus on the Spanish and Latin American market.
We Provide Training For
Fyatec through its twenty years of existence has always been linked to Training and Certification in new technologies. Our scope has not been limited to mere teaching, since we have developed multiple Services associated with this activity: - Training Consultancy in Best Practices - Accreditation Consulting to help other Centers to get this with the Accrediting Entities - Preparation and provision of materials for Services and Projects  Management Courses in Spanish being the Company with the widest catalog in this language - Provision of Certified Trainers - Teaching courses - Internal Accreditation Audits in several ISO - Certification of students We are a reference in the Spanish and Latin American market of Training in Management.