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Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Search Marketing

This industry aligned search engine marketing certification program equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a search engine marketing specialist.

Search engine marketing (SEM) or search marketing is one of the most important digital disciplines as over 90% of web users rely on search engines to find what they are looking for. Therefore, it is crucial to nearly every business operating in the modern marketplace to increase visibility of their brand and convert relevant traffic from within search engines.

The Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Search Marketing program, developed by the Digital Marketing Institute, will equip you with the skills on how to plan, execute and measure an effective search engine marketing strategy to help any business rank higher in search engine results and get found faster by quality prospects.

You will learn how the core search elements, including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising, and analytics, work together to drive targeted, high converting traffic to an organization’s website.

Whom is this search engine marketing certification for?

  • Search engine marketing specialists
  • Search advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO) professionals
  • Professionals responsible for the planning, implementation and measurement of search engine marketing campaigns
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career or enhance their knowledge in the search engine marketing discipline

The program is suitable for participants with any level of skill or experience and will prepare you to engage specifically with search engine marketing within the overall digital marketing domain.

How do you earn your certification?

Our global network of approved partners offers this professional certification and will help you become trained and certified. After completing your training and upon successful completion of a 3-hour computer-based examination, you will be awarded a globally recognised professional search engine marketing certification.

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Search Marketing: Programme modules

  1. Introduction to Search Marketing
  2. SEO - Setup
  3. SEO - Content
  4. SEO - Workshop
  5. Paid Search
  6. Display Advertising
  7. Video Advertising
  8. Analytics - Setup
  9. Applied Analytics
  10. Strategy & Planning

Module Descriptions

Introduction to Search Marketing

This introductory module will provide you with a solid foundation in the key technical concepts of search marketing. You will learn how the core elements, including SEO optimisation, PPC advertising and analytics, work together to drive targeted and high-converting traffic. These skills will help you understand how each discipline in search marketing interacts with, affects others and influences the wider digital marketing practice.

SEO Setup

The SEO Setup module introduces you to the key concepts relating to Search Engine Optimisation, how search engines work and the key components of Search Engine Results Pages. You will understand how to set your business, website and SEO objectives and become aware of the free and paid tools you can use in your SEO activities.

SEO Content

This module will help you understand the importance of content and the technical aspects of on-page optimisation. It will also help you enhance search traffic, and develop broader engagement levels across different channels. The SEO Content module will help you set goals, research and develop audience personas, conduct informed keyword research to identify topics and create strategic content campaigns that convert and exceed targets.

SEO Workshop

You will be introduced to the relevant laws and guidelines, including privacy and data protection laws that pertain to the different aspects of SEO. This will enable you to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit, analyse what SEO tactics work, where to optimise your strategy and use these insights to tweak your strategy.

Paid Search

The Paid Search module introduces you to the fundamental concepts of PPC advertising. You will learn how to set up an account, interact with the interface and understand the AdWords hierarchy. These skills will help you implement Google AdWords campaigns, become adept at keyword research, understand the rationale behind bidding and determine success through analytics.

Video Advertising

You will learn how to explore Pay-Per-Click video advertising and investigate the opportunities provided through display advertising networks, video hosting and mobile platforms. This module will give you the skills to create a YouTube channel, connect YouTube & Google AdWords to report along with refining, optimising and measuring campaigns to make informed decisions that increase conversions and ROI.

Display Advertising

The Display Advertising module introduces you to the key performance indicators in display campaigns, including Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate, Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Quality Score. You will understand how to develop a strong creative strategy to target a variety of personas, understand how to effectively advertise on social networks and create Gmail and engagement ads for maximum reach.

Analytics Setup

This module enables you to understand how to measure, monitor and optimise your digital marketing campaigns for success. You will learn how to implement Google Analytics code to track visitors and inform buyer research, create accounts and measurable goals for your campaign and use Event Tracking code to track user interactions and measure search marketing efforts.

Applied Analytics

Taking your analytics knowledge to the next level, this module will help you develop an understanding of the more technical aspects of analysis. This knowledge will enable you to analyse different AdWords campaigns, understand conversion analysis and apply campaign attribution and tagging and output detailed conversion reports.

Strategy & Planning

The Strategy & Planning module will teach you how to devise an all-encompassing strategy using the PROPEL model. Made up of three distinct parts, you will learn how planning, researching, setting objectives, preparation, execution and learning are the key components of a successful social strategy and ROI.

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