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ECDL ImageMaker

What is it?
ECDL ImageMaker provides the user with an understanding of the main concepts underlying digital images and the fundamental skills required to use an image editing application to enhance images, apply effects, and prepare an image for printing and publishing. By explaining the basics and the specific terms used, ECDL ImageMaker covers the practical skills needed to get the most out of image editing software applications. It certifies that a candidate can:
 ECDL ImageMaker

  • Understand the main concepts of using digital images and understand graphic format options and colour concepts
  • Open an existing image, save an image in different formats, and set image file options
  • Use built-in options such as displaying toolbars, palettes to enhance productivity
  • Capture and save an image, use various selection tools, and manipulate images
  • Create and use layers, work with text, use effects and filters, and use drawing and painting tools
  • Prepare images for printing or publishing

Who is it for?
ECDL ImageMaker constitutes an internationally recognised proof of extended knowledge scope and improved quality of output in image editing. As such, ECDL ImageMaker is suitable for anyone being involved or working with digital images, especially in photography, graphic design, digital and print media.