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ITIL® Master Certification

The ITIL® Master Qualification Certificate is the top level certification of the ITIL scheme. This certification will validate a professional’s capability to apply ITIL’s principles, methods and techniques in the real business world.

Individuals for the ITIL® Master level are required to have achieved the ITIL® Service Management Expert certification


The ITIL Master Qualification prerequisites are:

  • Certification at ITIL Expert Level
  • Work experience of at least five years in a leading, managerial, or higher management advisory role in IT service management.

Candidates will also need to demonstrate broad practical involvement in ITIL practices.

How to apply

There is no fixed Syllabus, training course or exam involved.

Candidates for the ITIL Master Qualification Certification must contact PEOPLECERT at for an application form.

The assessment stages, following the submission of the application form to PEOPLECERT include:

  • “Proposal” submission, i.e. an idea for business improvement.
  • “Work Package” submission, i.e. information and evidence on the idea’s effectiveness and benefits. Candidates for the ITIL® Master qualification must submit a real-world project of their choice, spanning across a variety of ITIL areas, elaborate on the knowledge they applied to implement real solutions, and demonstrate the continued effectiveness of the solution and its benefits to the business.
  • “Interview” with an Assessment panel.

Certification will be provided upon the positive assessment of the project and the successful interview.

Candidates interested in the ITIL Master Qualification should refer to the below documentation:

  1. ITIL Master Qualification FAQs
  2. ITIL Master PROPOSAL Requirements and Scope
  3. ITIL Master WORK PACKAGE Requirements and Scope

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