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PEOPLECERT ACCESSIBILITY Certifications for Professionals

Growing competition within the travel industry and reduced travel spending has led hotels to focus more on providing additional services that will differentiate their brand.

At the same time, higher demand for accessible services for people with disabilities and the elderly means that offering easy access and equal services has become a key priority for hotels who want to maximize their overall business offering through a service that, to date, is only provided by a small percentage of hotels worldwide.

As such, demand for personnel who have a strong understanding of and can cater for the needs of people with disabilities is rising.

PEOPLECERT has designed a unique portfolio of competence based ACCESSIBILITY Certifications for Professionals that are fully compatible with ISO 17024 requirements and measure a person’s knowledge of and ability to cater for clients with disabilities, and offer them a service that will ensure their overall experience is equal to the one offered to all clients. 

What certifications are offered?

Three certifications are available that match every accommodation type and category and cover the different responsibilities and tasks of hotel personnel, from everyday communication tasks to the ability to offer practical assistance in daily & emergency tasks.

These certifications are applicable to persons currently employed, who are required to verify or enhance their skills, or those who seek new employment and wish to acquire a new qualification.


Certifications for Professionals


Professional Occupations


Hotel Management


Hotel Managers

Managers on Duty

Boutique & Small Hotel Owners


Hotel Guest Services


Booking Personnel


Reservation Managers

Food & Beverages Managers

Concierge Services Personnel


Hotel Housekeeping & Facilities Services




Room Service

Technical Support

Valet Service

Hotel Shuttle Bus Drivers