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What is Quality Software Development

Demand for good software is at an all-time high, however building reliable quality software remains a major challenge. To tackle this, PEOPLECERT in collaboration with the Software Improvement Group (SIG), have developed a qualification in Quality Software Development to certify programmers who have the necessary skillset to produce high quality code.

This qualification provides practical knowledge, tools, techniques and guidelines, adaptable to any business sector or industry. As a result, it gives organizations a competitive advantage to produce reliable software systems that can be tested and modified with ease and speed.

Who is Quality Software Development for?
The Quality Software Development certification scheme is aimed at software developers with experience in Object Oriented Programming technologies (i.e. Java, C#), wanting to learn how to create good quality code. It also applies to software development teams who want to learn from a best practice, to ensure they produce maintainable software throughout.

This qualification also applies to:

  • Software Engineers, Programmers, Vendors and IT Managers.

Key benefits

For individuals:

  • Software developers learn how to create consistent, good quality code from start to finish.
  • Good code can be adopted and immediately implemented, resulting in high maintainability from day one.
  • Adopt a best practice framework and deliver top quality software systems, both for internal and external use.
  • Provide a clear overview and direction for individuals and team members of an organization.

For organizations:

  • Provide organizations with a competitive advantage on writing code that is better and cheaper.
  • Good code enables a system to be structurally flexible to respond, adapt and change to evolving business environments.
  • Reduce costs, whilst developing and delivering more value to sustain business needs.
  • Agreement on general direction of writing code, organizations too often focus on specifics as appose to the overall quality of code.


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