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Online Proctoring

Introducing Online Proctoring by PEOPLECERT. The simple, secure and hassle-free approach to exams.

All that is required is a computer connected to the internet and a webcam. It’s as simple as that!

Exams made simple
All your candidates do is take the exam on their computer, from the comfort and familiarity of their own home, office, or anywhere else that they choose. They are in the driver’s seat.

They are guided along the process by an online proctor who will be observing them in a non-obtrusive way. With Online Proctoring, your candidates can take their exam with no distractions from fellow test takers so that they can give it their best shot in a fair, transparent and efficient way.

Integrity is the pinnacle of Online Proctoring
We use highly sophisticated methods to monitor your candidates, but we do so without obstructing them or adding any administration or hassle to what may already be a high-stakes process.

Candidates are observed via webcam and spoken to via the computer’s speakers. There is no need to dial any telephone number or log onto any chat sessions. Our online proctors inspect the test room, any materials allowed by the test sponsor, and more.

What’s more, we use our proprietary technology to lock down a candidate’s computer and block all programs could be used for unfair advantage or cheating. Our software also monitors suspicious activity, such as unusual keystroke patterns, eye movement, etc.

Positive ID verification is a strict requirement for all online-proctored exams. The ID’s are all captured via the webcam and stored as a part of the candidates file.

For Universities / Academic Institutions

Online Proctoring also works seamlessly with most University LMS systems to provide an exam experience like no other. And we can deliver a demo on your premises to show you how.

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Next steps
If you would like more information on Online Proctoring by PEOPLCERT, please contact us today and one of our representatives in your area will get in touch.

Alternatively, check out our Test Centre delivery page  by using the menu on the left.