Moving Forward Together

Starting January 2018, PeopleCert will be the sole Examination Institute (EI) delivering AXELOS Accreditation & Examination Services worldwide.


PeopleCert is delighted to have been chosen by AXELOS as the sole EI for the delivery of Accreditation and Examination services worldwide, starting 1 January 2018.

2017 will be a transition period during which we will proactively assist all partners to smoothly onboard PeopleCert systems and services.

We encourage you to contact us as early as possible to discuss your transition, so we can understand your business requirements and start providing you with the world class services we’re recognised for.

We recognise that some AOs need time. Transition now with no commitment on exam volume. Continue to do business with your current EI, get to know us, our systems, our people and let us know when you are ready to deliver exams through PeopleCert. You can ‘Get Started’ at your pace.


Join PeopleCert now so that you can enjoy:

  • A smooth and bespoke transition, working around your people, systems and processes
  • Thorough review of your business model - experience what makes PeopleCert unique
  • Sufficient time for training, including exam management and training staff
  • Minimal business risk, ensuring your business continuity
  • Volume-based pricing - the bigger the exam volume, the better the price

We offer:

  • The best customer service, 24/7/365, 10 languages, 32 toll-free & local-rate numbers
  • Outstanding examination technology, incl. cloud-based systems and mobile apps
  • Commitment to Quality that underpins everything we do

A single EI model will ensure that Accreditation Organisations (AOs) will benefit from:

  • Greater focus on quality and growth
  • A consistently high standard in Accreditation
  • Better market data to be harvested and analysed
  • Comprehensive tackling of the grey market by applying consistent cross-checks
  • Testing and sharing of marketing messages globally
  • Eliminated lost effort and time in driving market share shift

The road to transition

You can transition to PeopleCert in 3 easy steps. Our representatives will be in touch to explain in more detail and assist with any questions.



PeopleCert as the single EI

How established is PeopleCert as an EI globally?

PEOPLECERT is already the global leader in the delivery of AXELOS qualifications, with the highest market share among all EIs. We are the premier EI in several key markets, and we’ll continue working hard to promote PEOPLECERT brand awareness around the world.

What are some of the key differentiators that enabled PeopleCert to be chosen as the single EI?

PEOPLECERT is a young and dynamic organisation, with results-driven people and stable management. It has the best assessment technology in the industry and a cloud-based infrastructure. It is a pioneer in mobile examination solutions and has no third-party dependencies. The company has proven drive and ambition to deliver growth and innovation for the benefit of the entire ecosystem. Also, PEOPLECERT has a centralised 24/7/365 operation, accessible through 32 toll-free & local-rate numbers, covering 10 languages.

Will the single EI model present conflicts when dealing with all of the competing AOs in the world?

PEOPLECERT has extensive track record in managing partner networks and being fair with its partners. We will ensure a level playing field going forward for commercial, operational and many other aspects.

How will this decision impact AOs?

This decision will significantly benefit AOs through consistency, increase in quality and full focus in market growth to your benefit. The commercial model will provide for a level-playing field between AOs and offer the appropriate incentives for growth, investment in products, etc.

How will the single-EI model benefit end-learners?

Your students will benefit greatly through more consistent quality of service around the world, and PEOPLECERT’s investment in and recognition of end-learners in their job role and corporate environment. They will also enjoy the best assessment technology as well as greater focus on more relevant products in line with current corporate needs.

About AO Transition

When should I switch to PeopleCert?

We recognise that you need to Move Forward at a pace that suits you. You can transition to PEOPLECERT at any time throughout 2017. We are ready to welcome you now so that we have time to understand your business requirements, and work with you to ensure you are up and running and ready for January 1st, 2018. We do recognise however that you may need some time. You can continue to do business with your current EI, and allocate 2017 to getting to know us, our systems, our teams. You can ‘Get Started’ at your pace.

Which AOs are deemed “transitioning AOs”?

All AOs currently accredited by another EI are regarded as transitioning AOs. If an existing PEOPLECERT AO wishes to become accredited in more AXELOS qualifications, this is not deemed a “transitioning AO”.

I'm happy with my existing EI and I don’t want to switch to PeopleCert

We appreciate that there are existing long-term relationships. The single EI offering will move AOs closer to Global Best Practice market, something the entire industry aspires to. We are confident you will enjoy working with us. If you prefer to take it slow, we are offering process with no commitment on exam volume. This allows you to continue to do business with your current EI, take your time, get to know us and our systems and when you are ready, you can start ordering exams. ‘Get Started’ at your pace. We will work hard to make this transition process as smooth and as friendly as possible and truly add value to the AO business going forward.

Will the customer data from my current EI be transferred to PeopleCert?

AXELOS is working closely with all EIs to ensure smooth data transfer for onwards market stability. AOs are encouraged to ask their current EI to ensure their historical data is made available for the future.

What are the trainer accreditation requirements of PeopleCert?

PEOPLECERT complies with the AXELOS requirements around trainer accreditation. Any future changes on trainer accreditation requirements will be treated as business as usual and communicated accordingly.

Do you accept individual Trainer accreditations?

Not at this time.

I’m a small AO. I’m concerned I may not be given enough attention.

We welcome all AOs of all sizes and we plan to work collaboratively for the growth of the market, irrespective of AO size. Everyone has an important role to play in the new era of growth!

If there is more than one trainer, do all need to be transitioned?

Please note that in order to complete the transition and get your account activated you need to have at least one trainer transitioned. All trainers should be transitioned; we recognise this may take some time and expect that all trainers will have transitioned by 2018.