The right questions

  • Every test is different, that’s why every test requires a test blueprint. Think of it as a design that focuses on the essence of your test. What is it that you’re trying to assess? Is it a particular skill? A technical competency? Academic knowledge or professional expertise?

    And choosing the right type of questions can be as important as the questions themselves. Whether they are multiple-choice questions, essays, or anything in between, our test design experts can help you understand which format best suits your needs.

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Build for success

  • Based on our ISO 17024 accreditation, our team of Qualification experts, along a Qualification Development system that meets strict security guidelines, develops global qualifications programs for different industries. We have the experience, know-how and resources to help you design and implement a qualification that meets and exceeds market needs. 

    PeopleCert’s subject matter experts are responsible for the overall qualification scheme development and delivery, as well as the overall validation process and implementation, including the definition of the scheme framework, the criteria of the certification scheme, the prerequisites (knowledge, training and skills) and the specific exam requirements.

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Under your thumb

  • PeopleCert gives you complete access, control and management over your testing programmes. After all, as time passes and as industries evolve, so too your test will need to adapt to a changing landscape.

    We offer you powerful and sophisticated reporting tools so that you always know how your tests are performing. What’s more, our management tools allow you to identify potentially problematic areas before they run the risk of having an impact on the performance of your tests.

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Run on all channels

  • PeopleCert allows you to deliver your exam through various methods, depending on your needs.

    One thing that remains common is our commitment to safeguarding the security and integrity of your exam, as well as making the exam – whichever the method used – as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

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Welcome, academia

  • Online Proctoring For Universities

    PeopleCert Online Proctoring enables your students to sit for tests remotely, from the comfort of their own home or office, as part of a secure and controlled process.

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