When it comes to designing a test, one must ensure to leverage the right skills and expertise. Writing test questions is a science in itself. So how do we do it?

Understanding what you’re testing is paramount.

Every test is different, that’s why every test requires a test blueprint. Think of it as a design that focuses on the essence of your test. What is it that you’re trying to assess? Is it a particular skill? A technical competency? Academic knowledge or professional expertise?

Deciding on the format of your questions

Choosing the right type of questions can be as important as the questions themselves. Whether they are multiple-choice questions, essays, or anything in between, our test development experts can help you understand which format best suits your needs.

Delivering your content

Once your test is ready for delivery, it’s up to you how you to deliver it. PeopleCert offers three interesting channels for test delivery. They can be utilized independently, or in combination where may be required, to reach as many candidates as is necessary.

PeopleCert Online Proctoring

An online-proctored exam takes place over the web and can be delivered at almost any location convenient to the candidate. The candidate just needs to find a closed room which meets PeopleCert’s security protocol and an online proctor does the rest by observing the candidate in real time via a webcam.

Learn more about PeopleCert Online Proctoring.

Computer-based Testing

A computer-based test takes place on a computer located within a Test Centre. Test Centres implement a similar check in process to what PeopleCert administers with online proctoring, but do it in a physical environment. Test Centres also meet strict facility and IT requirements in order to ensure quality, integrity, and standardization of the test experience.

Pen & Paper Testing

A Pen & Paper test is the conventional model of test taking. It is suitable in situations where a networked, computer-based testing environment is either not available, or not desirable. Pen & Paper tests still take place in Test Centres, but are delivered in paper-based form, with test sheets and all test materials collected by the proctor after test delivery.