PeopleCert offers full scale support for all your exam needs.

Exam distribution

Whether you want web-based, paper-based on online exams, you place your order through a single exam booking form and we do the rest. Paper-based exams are delivered through a global courier service, while web based exams are sent through secure, password protected and data encrypted files.

Exam administration

A simple and flexible web-based platform covers all exam administration aspects, allowing you to have all the information you need to review, edit or add, in one place, saving you administrative time, cost and effort.

Scheduling and registration

Scheduling and registration can be done by the Test Centre Manager, the Training Organisation or the candidate directly, through a simple online form. The PeopleCert suite of online tools allows candidates to search and book their exam online, at the convenience of their own location and time. Candidates can also upload any documentation required as a prerequisite for their exam. You can check, export and print candidate lists, any time you want!

PeopleCert Online Proctoring

PeopleCert offers you different proctoring options, including on site, third party, your own proctors and online, through our award-winning web proctoring service, should you wish to make it a really simple and quick experience. The online proctoring session guarantees maximum security throughout the exam process, through online monitoring and recording, with the help of a trained PeopleCert online proctor!

Billing & payment

Candidates can book and pay for their exam online, through a secure credit card service. The PeopleCert exam administration system allows for easy billing and invoicing at the currency of your choice.

ID Management

Security is a key priority throughout the exam process and we have a rigid process for ensuring the Identification and ID verification of all candidates. On-site and online proctors undergo intensive training to ensure they are familiar and follow through all standard security processes to ensure the validation of candidate information.

Exam vouchers

You can order one or multiple exam vouchers through a single click. These vouchers can be redeemed at any given time, saving you time and effort. Exam vouchers can be offered as part of a training and certification package, a bundle package for a group of candidates, helping you maximize your outreach.


For web-based exams, marking is automated and provisional results are available instantly. Marking is performed and verified by a team of experts and results are guaranteed two days after the exam.


Real time and ad hoc reporting on your exams, test validation analysis, candidate success rates, trainer performance, global and regional stats and any reports you would like can be made available to you, through an online reports tool. Candidate data is maintained for future use should you need it. Plus, you can have a real-time view of your exams as they happen and when they happen, on a real-time global map.

5 Delivery Channels

PeopleCert leverages a global network of 10,000 + Pearson VUE test centres, a network of leading training organizations worldwide and a direct online exam distribution channel, to maximize your global outreach and truly add value to your business. 

Certificate Printing and Delivery

You can choose to have an e-certificate or a hard copy one, delivered to your candidates or anywhere you choose. Candidates can also view, download and print their e-certificate whenever they want and as many times they want, saving you time and administration costs. 

Certificate Validation

An online certificate verification tool allows third parties to check the validity of any certificate on the spot.