Duncan Byatt

Board Member

Duncan has been with PeopleCert since 2017. He has been the Non-Executive Director of Axelos Ltd since 2013. He joined the Cabinet Office in 2012 as a Crown Commercial Lead for commercialising parts of the UK Government as part of the Better Business Models team in the Efficiency and Reform Group and within this capacity he was responsible for the RFP that ended up to the creation of AXELOS. In early 2009, he was invited to be responsible for planning and strategic thinking behind launch of The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

He has a very rich investment career starting in 1984 and working in several investments and asset management firms, among which Eagle & Dominion Asset Management that he founded in 1998, and Bear Stearns Asset Management where he acted as a Senior Managing Director to establish institutional global growth equity team and develop investment products and investment processes.

Duncan has a BSc in Economics and Commercial Law from the University of Edinburgh.