About Us

Our experience and technological expertise give us a competitive edge in the field of developing and managing globally recognised certifications and standardised exams.


PeopleCert is the global leader in the assessment and certification of professional skills, partnering with multi-national organisations and government bodies to develop and deliver market leading exams worldwide.


Our commitment to quality and integrity is evident throughout our organisation.

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The leadership team of PeopleCert brings exceptional industry skills and experience from a diverse range of sectors. Together, PeopleCert’s top executives oversee all aspects of business and operations.

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More than 33% of our people hold at least one postgraduate degree

Ethnically diverse workplace with 27 nationalities

We are growing, physically present in more than 16 countries

Our values guide all our decisions and lay the foundation of PeopleCert.


Committed to consistently providing products & services that meet and exceed customer expectations.


Delivering cutting-edge technology to streamline, enhance and revolutionise our customers’ digital experience.


Dedicated to empowering professionals, partners and businesses to realise their ambitions.


Building relationships based on trust, reliability and quality to deliver operational and business excellence.

We always work tirelessly to come up with new ways to revolutionise the exam and certification industry, and that has earned us over 20 awards and distinctions, including: