The new PRINCE2 7 is here! Best practice made better.

PRINCE2, the world's leading project management method, has evolved to meet the needs of the future. It has been updated to reflect the modern realities of managing successful projects in the 21st century, incorporating the latest processes, tools, and technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Best practice has now become even better!

PRINCE2 7 addresses changes in the project management sector and adapts to evolving working practices and technologies.

What's new?
Key Updates for Emboldening Success:
  1. Central Focus on People Management, recognising the importance of human capital in project success.
  2. Enhanced Flexibility and Customization, adapting to the unique requirements of each project, across sectors.
  3. Embracing Digital and Data Management, equipping you with the right tools to keep your projects up to date in the digital era.
  4. Integration of Sustainability into Project Performance, aligning projects with environmental and social responsibility goals.
  5. Compatibility with Agile, Lean, and ITIL, enhancing overall project performance.
  6. Designed for all professionals, including aspiring or experienced project managers, using simplified language and content which makes it more accessible to all.

We have also developed a PRINCE2 7 AI Practice Guide, available exclusively on our membership platform, to perfectly complement the new AI-ready PRINCE2.


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What experts say

"PRINCE2 needs to work for 'occasional' project managers as much as the project manager by choice."
Andy Murray, lead editor - PRINCE2 7


"There is no silver bullet when it comes to project delivery. Whether you choose agile, waterfall or a hybrid of the two, PRINCE2 7 will accommodate this and guide your decision."

Henny Portman, co-author - PRINCE2 7


"We’ve ensured that this part of PRINCE2 7 is much more practicable: it’s designed for use by real project teams facing real-world challenges."
Brad Bigelow, co-author - PRINCE2 7

Today there are no minimum requirements for a PRINCE2 project. Instead, there are simply the principles and agreed tolerances, so you are freer to make your own decisions and find your own solutions."
Tanja van den Akker - co-author, PRINCE2 7

"As PRINCE2 7 now highlights it’s about working with the team you actually have and adapting processes to them, not the other way. This takes less energy and is more likely to work."
Jo Lucas, co-author - PRINCE2 7

What is PRINCE2?

Since its launch in 1996, PRINCE2 has become the gold standard for global project management practice. It is a flexible and adaptable method that can be tailored to any project, regardless of size, purpose, or industry.

Whether in any organisation or region, PRINCE2 offers a well-defined structure and step-by-step instructions for project organisation and management from start to finish, leading to enhanced project success.


Who is PRINCE2 for?

PRINCE2 benefits for Professionals
  • Easy to follow, to implement, to apply
  • A “how to” method that enables you to deliver on time and on budget 
  • Helps you work with other people in a project 
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Globally established and recognised 
  • Flexible & applicable across a range of sectors 
  • Improved job opportunities and salary prospects
  • Provides in-demand project management skills to those in non-project management roles


PRINCE2 benefits for Organisations
  • A structured method that improves project success
  • Provides a defined set of repeatable, scalable, flexible, and tailorable steps
  • Improves efficiency
  • Supports cross-organisational collaboration
  • Saves time and money
  • Helps deliver quality and compliance
  • Supports clear roles and responsibilities 
  • Provides a common language for projects across the organisation
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