LATSA Learning Services Our mission is to have the very best content and passion in delivery in the areas of program, project and process management. Our trainers all bring significant experience developed over many years working in industry, IT and quality improvement projects.
We Provide Training For
We prefer not to run public courses for individuals to register in.
An individual will struggle to embed cultural and process change in an organisation. We believe that sending one person on a public course is almost pointless and a waste of resources.

Training a group of people from the same organisation in a new method can have a far greater impact. Imagine having all your team speaking the same language and pulling in the same direction. The probability for success is far greater!

One of our highly experienced project and training team can spend a day or two with your team before the training. This is to understand your business and project challenges. This will enable the customisation of the training delivery to your business. The training facilitator will discuss your organisations projects during the course, as a result the method being taught will be in context.