ITIL® 4 Specialist: Business Relationship Management

ITIL® 4 Specialist: Business Relationship Management

The ITIL 4 Specialist: Business Relationship Management module is for IT professionals who are involvedin establishing and nurturing the relationships between service providers and consumer organisations,and their stakeholders.

Based on the ITIL 4 framework, the module provides both strategic and practical best practice guidance to help organizations understand the value of Business Relationship Management as well as its key concepts and challenges. Professionals should be able to use these concepts to deliver return on investment in digital technology, develop and apply service relationship models and integrate Business Relationship Management in the organisation’s service value streams for a holistic and end-to-end approach.

ITIL 4 Specialist: Business Relationship Management enables professionals to

  • Define Business Relationship Management roles, responsibilities, knowledge, and skills
  • Ensure stakeholders understand the strategic and operational requirements to co-create value and achieve business goals
  • Apply Business Relationship Management metrics and practice success factors to improve performance
  • Measure, assess and develop Business Relationship Management capability by using the ITIL Maturity Model.

Starting from 1 February 2022, exam vouchers for AXELOS Certifications, including ITIL 4 Specialist: Business Relationship Management, will incorporate the corresponding Digital Core Guidance (eBook).  The Core Guidance eBook acts as a valuable source for candidates in their day-to-day work, long after their exam has finished. It becomes available in the candidate’s PeopleCert account, upon exam purchase and the candidate can take advantage of several features available like annotation, highlighting, etc.

OTM Learner Kit

From 23 May 2023,  your voucher will also include the Learner Kit from PeopleCert's Official Training Materials.  This kit is intended to support the training you are undertaking to prepare for the exam.  The kit comprises a Learner Workbook and a Quick Reference Guide that have been designed to reinforce your learning and are intended to be valuable revision aids.

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All'interno di MyAxelos troverai:

  • Notizie di settore e best practice, articoli e libri bianchi a cura di esperti del settore
  • Casi di studio incentrati sui leader del settore e sulle best practice
  • Materiali per la preparazione dell'esame, video di guida all'esame e contenuti di esperti certificati
  • Badge digitali per condividere i tuoi risultati con il mondo
  • Strumenti che aiutano a mantenere valido il certificato

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  • 1

    Deliver value

    Improving the service journey for all stakeholders involved in the relationship

  • 2

    Improve communication processes

    Through developing and applying relationship models based on ITIL best practice

  • 3

    Enable good customer relationships

    Creating a common culture by understanding the user experience and taking practical steps to continuously improve it



  • ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
  • Training through an Accredited Training Organisation
  • ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition Certificate
  • Training through an Accredited Training Organisation



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