What is Lean IT?

Lean IT certifications are offered by the Lean IT Association, a non-profit organisation founded by three Examination Institutes  – PEOPLECERT, APMG and EXIN, along with three Accredited Training Organisations - ITpreneurs, Pink Elephant, and Quint Wellington Redwood.

The goal of Lean IT is to continuously improve the value delivered by IT organisations to their customers and the professionalism of IT people.



Who is Lean IT for?

The Lean IT certification scheme is aimed at practitioner organisations looking to adopt Lean IT principles in the IT Service development and operations department. It is also aimed at professionals looking  to become certified in Lean IT on various levels.




What are the Lean IT certification levels?

The Lean IT certification scheme consists of 4 distinct certifications for various levels, starting at entry level with Lean IT Foundation.


More advanced levels include

  • Lean IT Kaizen
  • Lean IT Leadership
  • Lean IT Coach

Each level introduces more knowledge and skills, eventually leading up to competences that enable a professional to support corporate introduction or development of Lean IT implementations.

Lean IT Scheme


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Frequently Asked Questions

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