Glenfis AG At the glenfisAcademy, we transform knowledge into competence.
Theoretical training in Service Management, IT governance and agile frameworks serves as a solid foundation, giving you practice-oriented knowledge and skills to implement a service oriented organization to support your business. At the glenfisAcademy, you receive the training that is needed for a practical and well-founded implementation.
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Training with a quality seal The transformation of computer science into a strategic branch of services brings with it the need for standardization, while IT service management makes unique demands of executives and IT specialists.  International standards and frameworks such as ITIL for IT service management or COBIT for the establishment of a dependable control system are already in widespread use and represent the central factors of IT governance. At our glenfisAcademy, we convey the technical craftsmanship and practice-oriented knowledge relevant for issues and standards relating to IT governance and IT service management. We attach the greatest importance to the quality of both the instructional materials and the instructors. In October 2015 our glenfisAcademy business line has been successfully certified on ISO/IEC 29990, the international Standard for Quality in Learning services for education and training.