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A practical approach to implementing ITIL 4

The recent MyAxelos ITIL 4 Practice Guide Masterclasses offered ITSM professionals a deep dive into implementing ITIL 4 principles, led by experts Roman Zhuravlev, Adam Griffith, David Cannon, and Dmitry Isaychenko. These webinars provided real-world insights, tailored advice, and transformative strategies.

While the first session was open to all, later episodes were exclusive to MyAxelos members. Coming up in January 2024, two recap webinars will address questions from the series and new inquiries, offering a comprehensive review and further learning opportunities.

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How can the ITIL 4 Practice Guides help you in your everyday work?
  1. Streamlined Processes: The guides provide best practices to design, implement, and maintain efficient IT service management processes, ensuring that daily operations are smooth and aligned with business objectives.
  2. Enhanced Decision-Making: By offering clear frameworks and guidelines, ITIL 4 aids in informed decision-making, reducing risks and improving the effectiveness of IT investments.
  3. Continuous Improvement: The guides emphasise the importance of continual service improvement, providing tools and techniques to identify areas for enhancement, which leads to the ongoing optimisation of daily operations.
  4. Improved Collaboration: With defined roles, responsibilities, and processes, ITIL 4 promotes better collaboration among IT teams and with other business units, ensuring that IT services are more aligned with business needs and priorities.


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Τhis webinar series is essential for ITSM professionals, whether you're an early adopter or a seasoned practitioner.

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ITIL 4 Practice Guides Masterclasses Schedule

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Title Webinars   Date / Time  Duration  Speakers
Unlocking ITIL 4 Practice Guides: Your Questions Answered, Part 1 (NEW)

Gain valuable insights on ITIL's PSFs, roles, competencies, and value streams

18 January 2024

3 pm UK time

1 hour

Roman Zhuravlev and Adam Griffith

Unlocking ITIL 4 Practice Guides: Your Questions Answered, Part 2 (NEW)


Gain valuable insights on training techniques and exam strategies

31 January 2024

3 pm UK time

 1 hour

Roman Zhuravlev and Adam Griffith

How to self-assess service management capability (DONE)
Learn how to assess and improve your service management capabilities through specific examples
 10 October

3 pm UK time
1 hour  Roman Zhuravlev
How to use the competency model (DONE) Learn how to assess, plan, and assign service management roles in your organisation
 24 October

3 pm UK time
1 hour  Roman Zhuravlev and Dmitry Isaychenko
How to ensure practices’ success (DONE) Learn how to ensure and evaluate the effectiveness of the management practices

7 November 

3 pm UK time
 1 hour  Adam Griffith and Roman Zhuravlev
 ITIL practices: Monitor, Support and Fulfill (DONE) Learn how ITIL practices help monitor and support IT services, and fulfil user requests when incidents arise 28 November

3 pm UK time
1 hour  Adam Griffith
ITIL practices: Plan, Implement and Control  (DONE) Learn how ITIL practices can be used to plan, control, and implement changes in products and services
5 December

3pm UK time
1 hour  Roman Zhuravlev
ITIL practices: Collaborate, Assure and Improve (DONE) Learn how ITIL practices can be used to collaborate in service relationships, and to assure and improve the quality of the services
12 December

3 pm UK time
 1 hour  David Cannon
How to integrate practices into value streams (DONE)

Learn how to integrate ITIL practices into value streams and achieve the new level of organizational maturity and effectiveness

19 December

3 pm UK time
1 hour  Roman Zhuravlev and Adam Griffith

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  • Roman Zhuravlev

    Has been working in ITSM since 2002 as a practitioner, consultant, trainer and author. After joining Axelos in 2016, Roman works on the continual development of ITIL. He is an ITIL 4 architect, co-author, and reviewer.

  • Adam Griffith

    Is an IT best practice consultant and member of the ITIL portfolio development team at Axelos. He is a Master trainer for ITIL 4, a keen proponent of the ITIL guiding principles in all aspects of life, and a frequent contributor to digital publications on the Axelos site.

  • Dmitry Isaychenko

    Dmitry is a senior product manager at PeopleCert responsible for the Accredited Tool Vendors (ATV) programme. IT consultant, solution architect, ITIL 4 co-author, and trainer with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. A co-author of the “Metrics-based Service Management” book.

  • David Cannon

    David is an experienced IT and business leader, and ITIL author. He is a recipient of the itSMF Lifetime Achievement Award and acknowledged as one of HDI’s top 25 thought leaders.