PeopleCert Online Proctoring – Maintaining Certifications’ Quality, Security & Reliability

PeopleCert Online Proctored exams are, now more than ever, the go-to exam solution for individual candidates and companies who wish to have their staff certified. They are also the only authorised remote online exam delivery method to get a valid certification from PeopleCert’s wide range of professional qualifications.

PeopleCert and its partners work continuously to ensure that quality in terms of candidate training, certification and knowledge acquired meets the highest standards. This means that training is provided by accredited trainers of accredited training organisations and exams can be delivered either in class by accredited invigilators or online by PeopleCert trained online proctors.

PeopleCert’s trained personnel together with the proprietary, sophisticated exam software ensure that the strictest security standards apply during a remote online exam, validating the reliability of the outcome of each exam!

Only a PeopleCert Online Proctored exam can guarantee:

SECURITY: Our online exams adhere to the strictest security standards and observe the latest identification requirements.

INTEGRITY: We guarantee the integrity of the exam by monitoring test takers and their surrounding environment at all times. We also use advanced technology to identify cheating attempts.

CONSISTENCY: The exam experience is the same for every test taker, offering a standardised and fair process.

RELIABILITY: Our online proctors’ rigorous training, combined with our powerful exam technology, work together to make the experience reliable.

Ensure that your executives are really ready to bring into the company the knowledge they have acquired through training. Accept only PeopleCert Online Proctored exams for certification and avoid the evoke of certificates and the need for exam re-sits.

Talk to your PeopleCert accredited training provider and only book authorised PeopleCert Online Proctored exams!