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AgileSHIFT combines agile and lean methodologies to enable organisations to understand, engage and influence business change.

Business Transformation

Transformation is a distinct change to the way an organisation conducts all or part of its business. Transformation happens in many different forms, from small-scale local processes or tool changes to large-scale transformations that reshape the ways in which the organisation interacts with and serves its customers.

Most organisations today are seeking to transform the way they work. Whichever sector they are operating in, traditional ways of working may no longer be enough to remain competitive and survive. This has been driven by factors such as:

  • Increasing customer demand and expectation
  • The rise of disruptive competitors
  • Legacy or traditional processes which are no longer fit for purpose
  • A company culture that does not support working in a fast-paced marketplace

The most influential and pervasive factor that has brought about significant transformation has been the rise of digital technology. This shift has been the leading cause of change, driving the rise of new disruptive organisations.

Transformation is necessary. It is also hard.


Introducing AgileSHIFT

AgileSHIFT is the new solution for enterprise agility. AgileSHIFT is an easily tailorable framework that enables organisations to lead their business transformation and to thrive in an ever emerging disruptive and competitive marketplace.

Who is AgileSHIFT for? 

AgileSHIFT is designed to take a holistic view and win over the hearts and minds of the entire organisation. The training itself is targeted at an enterprise level. AgileSHIFT is aimed at “change enablers”, that is, leaders or individuals active in business transformation. Typical roles could include:

  • Transformation leads/managers
  • Change leads/managers
  • Coaches or influencers
  • Senior positions within Product Management, Portfolio (PMO), Finance, HR, Legal, Sales & Marketing

Why get certified with AgileSHIFT?

An AgileSHIFT certification will equip you to:

  • Recognise and understand why transformation in your organisation is necessary
  • Utilise agile and lean ways of working to be able to work in more agile ways immediately
  • Be part of a culture of organisational-wide agility
  • Use the tailorable framework to champion change within your organisation.


AgileSHIFT Certification

More information on AgileSHIFT qualification scheme here.