Official Training and Certification in Leading Technologies

With over 25 years of experience, PUE stands at the forefront of the training industry. Our main objective is to provide official training and certifications in leading-edge technologies, empowering IT professionals from major national and international corporations to excel in their careers.

We Provide Training For
Founded in 1998, Proyecto Universidad Empresa (PUE) is a private initiative specializing in ICT training, certification, and consulting. With our expertise in transferring technological knowledge and a team consisting of over 60% engineers and certified personnel with extensive professional experience, we are well-equipped to pursue our primary goal: "To assist present and future businesses and professionals in the ongoing challenge of acquiring and applying the latest technologies, in collaboration with leading multinational and ICT organizations worldwide." PUE advocates for the endorsement provided by official training and knowledge accreditation as a secure value proposition, enabling our clients to promptly and efficiently apply solutions of interest to enhance their competitiveness. In this regard, our motto is "Official training and certification as a guarantee of quality."