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Thought leaders in project based management of change. Training with a pronounced difference. We showcase a lot of our offerings for free so you can see before you buy that we are not like the herd. Certification training is the foundational start not the end of an organisation's journey towards the capability to deliver value to stakeholders. Find more about us on Facebook or LinkedIn.
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Our assistance builds your organisation's capabilities to deliver change through portfolio and program integration of projects. We show you how to thrive from the pressures of strategic and market-place drive needs. We suggest a start by developing individual's knowledge and ability through well know standards based certification programs (PRINCE2® and PMP®). A mid-point by facilitating people's networks (relationships), attitudes and behaviours across the breadth of the organisation and across the hierarchy from top to bottom (Board-room to boiler-room and back™)  The key though is to equip the leadership community with the tools to develop, debate, and commit to vision, cascade intent and freedoms, establish responsive escalation paths and leverage complexity's advantages for stakeholder benefit. Three focus areas whose integration is in total a whole of business governance structure across a whole of portfolio and investment life-cycle framework.