Asseco Data Systems S.A. The power of creation
We support IT specialists in building their careers and help organizations use IT to realize business change, transformation and growth. Asseco Group is the number one provider of state-of-the-art IT solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, and sixth the biggest software vendor in Europe.
We Provide Training For
For over 25 years we have been supporting workers in constructing their professional careers and our clients’ organizations in increasing their efficiency. We provide both trainings, as well as system development and service delivery, including those designed especially for a given client. We utilize the unique possibility of combining the experience gained within the implementation projects carried out in the Asseco Capital Group with the training potential. Furthermore, we provide our potential in the form of experience, tried and tested processes and procedures, qualified operational staff and IT systems, providing our clients with services in the Learning Business Process Outsourcing model. Our clients can also count on professional support in the process of obtaining external funding for training activities, and our full engagement at the stage of project realization and settlement of the obtained grants.