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RKA Limited is an internationally known, leading provider of training, coaching & mentoring for programme, project and change managers. We have worked with small to large sized organisations in implementing a corporate approach to managing programmes, projects and change and have extensive experience of both public and private sectors.
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RKA Ltd is globally recognised as a provider of professional, tailored and value for money services in the field of programme, project and change management.  We have clients based in the United Kingdom, Mainland Europe, India, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Nigeria.  RKA Ltd has worked with organisations of different sizes and backgrounds, including, local authorities, national health, water, electricity, telecommunications, motor and constructions companies. RKA Ltd has supported the development of Portfolio Offices, corporate methodologies, templates & guidance on the use of these and tailored training materials. RKA Ltd has trained the Portfolio Office teams members to conduct their own Gateway Reviews, enabling them to assure the Leadership Team about the status of each programme, rather than paying external consultancy organisations. This has created an excellent information hub within an organisation, ensuring all lessons learned are communicated appropriately.