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Cinfosys provides training services (both corporate and public), business analysis, IT consultancy, service mangement and support to organizations that are striving to stand out in their own lines of business. This would give the organizations time to focus and concentrate on their core business activities.
We Provide Training For
Cinfosys consultants have been providing consultancy in various domains to Global organisations that have history spanning to more than a century, and to the organizations that aspire to survive in the market for as long as it takes. At Cinfosys, we believe that for any success the major ingredients are trust, dedication, knowledge and hard work. Trainer and Consultant Profile (s) Our consultants have more than 40+ years colelctive experience in the disparate industries & sectors across the globe such as Banking (Investment, Retail, Commercial, wealth and many other), Telcos, Call Centres, Energy, Utilities, ISPs, Government & Private, Health, Data and Privacy compliance (based on EU GDPR), Retail & Commercial, Media & Broadcasting and many other. It is worth noting that our consultants have worked as part of an international consultancy that was at the core of building ITIL®. Our consultants provide the delegates the necessary real life knowledge when conducting training.