CITI Limited A trusted gateway to project-based change expertise
CITI is a renowned centre of expertise for organisations wanting to improve and enhance their project, programme and strategic change management. We develop people’s knowledge and skills in successfully managing change, blending the disciplines of project and change management to enhance an organisation’s capability.
We Provide Training For
CITI is a trusted gateway to project-based change expertise that major organisations need to thrive, change and innovate. We work with, and support clients to transform their ability to manage change - empowering organisations to improve their overall change performance, whilst individuals enhance their own and their colleagues’ capability to deliver. Our services include professional, accredited qualifications; facilitated workshops; practical courses and capability assessments; online learning; and expertise-based consultancy. With over 30 years’ experience and recognised leaders in our field, we have developed specialised, industry-leading approaches in a number of key areas including sponsorship; capability assessment and development; project clarity; successful change; agility; profiling and assessments; and more. In essence, we build the capability and talent available to organisations to deliver change, improving their ability to compete and thrive.