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We are a Leadership & Management Consulting Company, having developed a proven & award winning Organizational Management integrated methodology – ATOM® having Human Capital Development at it’s core. We can support you in any needed format: Coaching & Support, Training and Certification, Program Design, Workshops and Projects Portfolio Management.
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We led and supported over 155 Strategic and Operational Projects completed at the Business Unit, Country, Regional and Global levels on all continents. Some were Business Transformation & Turnaround type Projects, combining methods and concepts like Strategy Development and Deployment, Business Process Reengineering, Business Process Management, Organizational (re)Design, Business Models and Structures Optimization. Others targeted the development and deployment of Operational Excellence Programs - Quality and CI - employing methodologies like KPI’s Design and Process Driven Balanced Scorecards, Advanced Root Cause Analysis, 8D, Lean, Kaizen, 6Sigma, Design for 6Sigma, Risk Management. Both types of projects were usually supported by specific Change Management Programs and sometimes by the introduction of new technologies and digitalization – large CRM, ERP, SRM implementations, while continuously support and coaching was the norm.